Huyze De Pauw

VMANAGER Performance

Huyze De Pauw is a residential care centre with interim care hotel for senior citizens and serviced apartments in the Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver centre. The site is made up of infrastructure built and renovated in various phases.

After the building and renovation work of recent years, the client wanted to target the energy performance of the infrastructure to lower consumption and so reduce bills.

With VMANAGER, VMA is specialised in integrated energy renovations and solutions. This covers both technical systems and the overall building and user behaviour.

Building Technologies

We used the following services for this project:


At Huyze De Pauw we implemented a wide range of energy-saving measures with energy performance guarantee, including hearth renovation, CHP adjustment, adapted regulations in fireplaces, installation of PV panels, monitoring systems and the analysis of major consumers. That resulted in a total annual CO2 saving of 128 tons.

Information about the product


VZW Huyze De Pauw

Execution time

2020 - 2029


VZW Huyze De Pauw