Smart & Sustainable building management

VMANAGER is a VMA specialism that focuses on achieving energy savings, the management of energy flow and the general management of technical installations in buildings.


A smart and sustainable management of your building requires a lot of technical knowledge, intensive monitoring and tools to check and monitor the real (energy) performance of your building.

  • VMANAGER constitutes the integrated solution in which independent systems from several suppliers and manufacturers are interlinked, whatever the technical discipline (lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, fire detection, access control, geothermal, charging station management,…).
  • The smart use of all available data from the technical installations enables us to provide strong insights into the operation of the building, to improve and optimise energy consumption, guaranteed.
  • VMANAGER offers the necessary tools for you and your facility partner to take care of your building maintenance efficiently.

Energy Service Company

VMANAGER is also an ESCO (Energy Service Company). In your existing buildings, we analyse, renovate and implement energy savings, with guaranteed performances. Here, our focus lies on sustainable comfort and smart energy management. In ne buildings, we can take care of the realisation and guaranteed performance of your new installations.


VMANAGER Connect is a digital socket that interlinks all technical installations in your building. Controlling your lighting and heating, releasing lifts or charging station, checking and adjusting air quality, granting or refusing access, displaying and recording fire alarms or counting the number of visitors in your building using smart cameras. You have full control.

This enables us not only to make your building more energy-efficient, we also increases user comfort. We developed a special user app for this.

VMANAGER Connect also informs you when (part of) your technical installation is not running properly or needs servicing.

Data are the secret and the power of VMANAGER. Our innovative system is fed by data of all the energy flow in your building. It measures and records energy consumption, temperature, air quality (a/o CO2), presences, number of lift movements, number of people who used their access badge, … All these data are collected and used to make your building energy smart.

The system connects with everyone who is involved in your building, from landlord to maintenance partner, tenant and end-user. Depending on their profile, we issue sustainability reports, as well as maintenance and energy management tools. Or they can just enjoy perfectly managed comfort…

VMANAGER Performance

With VMANAGER Performance, we specifically aim for achieving energy savings and energy management in new and existing buildings.

We analyse the behaviour of the building and all available data of the technical installations. Our huge knowledge and expertise, built up over many years, enable us to offer you the most efficient energy measures. In addition to applications and extensions to the technical installations and/or controls, we can also suggest and implement civil engineering solutions.

Our aim is to repay these energy investments with the guaranteed energy savings of these interventions. That is our commitment with VMANAGER Performance: by taking the appropriate energy measures, giving you the assurance that energy savings will actually be achieved.

Thanks to our expertise within VMA Group, we can also take care of the maintenance of installations. In addition to our commitment to reduce your energy bill, we also improve your comfort.

To conclude: with VMANAGER Performance, we monitor your building’s energy consumption 24/7. You will receive a detailed report of this, including a/o a map of your CO2 footprint. We will also work together continuously to optimise the management of your building, including as part of the energy transition.

VMANAGER therefore helps you on the way towards a sustainable, comfortable and maintenance-friendly living environment for you and the users of your building.

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